The Mariage Of


As a small brewery, we cultivate a classic brewing method for fine breweries in Germany.

Beginning centuries ago in the heart of Bavaria, the craftsmanship of authentic, full-bodied, delicious Beer echoes throughout our craft Brewery. The legacy left to create the perfect flavours from our German Forefathers resonates in our ability to combine state-of-the-art German technology with the secret recipes of our Bavarian ancestors. Here at the Mount Tamborine Bavarian Craft Brewery, we’ve added a new secret component - our Brewery uses refined fresh spring water from the mountain itself to create a truly fresh taste that cannot be found anywhere else. From olden day Schwarzach, Munich to beautiful Mount Tamborine, our craft Beers, Lagers and Ciders marry a beautiful union of traditional German recipes with the finest ingredients the Australian hinterland has to offer. So come by and experience a truly German experience for yourself, or as they would say in Bavaria, ‘Trink ein Bier!'